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"No mountains too big, No Trails too Tough".

Cayote is a Motocross Scrambler hybrid that is designed to conquer areas where no other motorcycles can go. With Monoshock rear and Telescopic front suspensions the bike can handle all jumps and falls.

The Michelin Anakee Wild Tyres provide the best traction to deliver the 155cc engine torque to the ground. But there's something missing.. umm.. yeah..

Some mountains in the background and dirt all over the bike.


Cayote RED

Cayote RED

Cayote Features

The Cayote is built on an evergreen beauty : The yamaha rx100. The light yet strong frame helps it be the perfect frame for dirt.

  • ◙The front fender is shaped like a beak  and the extended flap helps to protect your from all the flying gravel

◙The seat is cushioned and well fitted to the frame and provides a solid support. THe under seat Exhaust helps to keep it away from water in case you go through any  rivers or oceans ( Don```'t try this .. seriously don``'t).

◙The Michelin Anakee Wild Tires provides all the traction it needs to push the ground beneath and keep going forward.

Mr. Foxx: " And yes Mr.Wayne, It does come in black.."